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主办单位/ Sponsor


China plastic recycling association of CRRA


Hubei Kepuda High Polymer Material Limited Liability Company






绿色回收公益基金(Green recycle public welfare fund

指导单位/ Guidance:

生态环境部(ministry of Ecology and Environment

商务部(ministry of commerce

工业和信息化部(ministry of Industry and Information Technology

海关总署(General Administration of Customs

承办单位/ Organizer


Recycle Union Information Service Limited

China International Plastic Recycling Conference and Exhibition has been successfully taken place for 12 years. Over the past 12 years, China International Plastic Recycling Conference and Exhibition has been continuously enlarging with its scale and influential power ,which has already become one of the most influential event with great popularity and reputation in domestic and oversea recycling plastics industry . it has gradually been one of major business exchange platform in plastic industry as well.

The 13th China International Plastic Recycling Conference and Exhibition will be organized and sponsored by China National resource recycling association and Hubei kepuda polymer materials Limited on September,8th to 10th, 2018 at? Countrygarden Phoenix Hotel Wuhan,China . The conference theme is “ Building The Green Recycling Industry under the new normal environment”, which is to discuss how to put the concept of "green recycling" into the recycling plastic enterprises under this new normal environment and through developing in the new industry model of “green recycle ,green manufacture, green product and green consume” and combining with the current situation in China, it fully develops and utilizes recycled plastics resource in order to realize the industrial upgrade and transformation and the sustainable development.

This conference will set up “ Servicing green recycle in social life” as a major forum topic and another three sub-forums in“raw material purchasing under the new pattern”, application engineering of recycled plastics, recycled plastics industry under the internet thinking. The supervisors and industrial experts from Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, General Administration of Quality Supervision ,Inspection and quarantine ,international organizations, universities and researching institutes who will be invited in conference to discuss and research the relevant issues regarding industrial policies, industrial development direction and technology .etc.

This conference will set up more than 100 booths and attract over 2,000 professional attendees and visitors for exchanging business information.Additionally , this conference will set up special decorated booths, recycled plastics materials demonstration Zone and plastics trade business communication Zone in order to provide more direct and more comprehensive services for all participants

Sincerely inviting the supervisors and experts from recycling plastic industry and relevant public institution to join this industrial event and discuss the developing road of recycling plastics industry in the new era.