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Main Topics: 演讲主题

The policy trend of the export of waste plastics in Southeast Asia废塑料向东南亚出口的政策走势;

Relevant laws and regulations of imported recycled plastic pellets of China中国进口再生塑料颗粒监管政策;

Green Recycling System set-upplan绿色回收体系建设

Non-contaminated Medical Waste Recycling Pilot Program status and future development 非受污染医疗废弃物回收试点现况及末来方向

Green Recycling Strategy Scheme of plastics recycling再生塑料行业“绿色再生”行动计划;

Plastics scrap processing and logistic center situation and build-up plan“废塑料加工配送中心”现况及建设规划;

Oversea market investment of Plastic scrap recycling 再生塑料海外投资市场分析

China domesticplastic scrap recycling market research and analysis中国再生塑料市场分析

The introduction and explanation about plastics scrap relatedStandard废塑料相关标准介绍与解读

The finance and investment about recycling plastic business再生塑料行业投融资等